For Sale By Owner Market is Red Hot!

The real estate market is red hot! Are you planning to sell or tempted to test the waters? Do you know what your property is worth? One of the biggest decisions you will need to make will be whether to list with a Real Estate agent or to proceed with FSBO (for sale by owner). There are quite a few benefits to consider when selecting the FSBO option. But before you make any decisions, it is important to seek an unbiased appraisal. Once you have your value, you can see for yourself how much you can save if you are willing to put some work in.  

Most importantly cutting out the middleman (the real estate agent) can save you a significant amount of money. The savings are by far the most rewarding benefit- for example- If your house appraises and sells for $350,000, a traditional real estate commission of 6 percent would end up costing you around $21,000. If you choose this route, you can keep that money and use it towards your next down payment, renovations, savings, or even your dream vacation. Having that wiggle room also allows you to drop your price and sell faster. Another benefit of FSBO is you as the owner have complete control over the entire sale process. If you commit to it, you can dedicate more time than a real estate agent can since you will be your one and only client. Only you know all the ins and outs of your home and what made you fall in love with it.  

This may sound tempting and might even be your chosen path. However, the next step might just be the most important. You will need to seek an appraisal. Protect yourself from being taken advantage of by knowing your home’s worth before listing. Without an appraisal, you could risk leaving tens of thousands or more on the table by agreeing to a lower price. The right appraiser will research your home, surroundings homes and give you the true value of your home. An appraisal will give you the true market value of your home and take the second guessing out of the equation altogether.  

Looking for home appraisal in the northeast area? Look no further, Olive Branch Appraisals are here for you. Make an appointment to discuss your options, reach out to Olive Branch Appraisals for your FSBO appraisal needs in Bucks and Philadelphia County by phone at 267-588-8200, by email at, or our online form. 


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