Know Your Houses Worth for a Possible Listing this Summer

The housing market is still booming. Maybe you are ready to sell or tempted to at least explore your options. Even if you are just thinking about it, it wouldn’t hurt to seek out an appraisal, you might be surprised at how much your home is truly worth. Whether you live in Northeast Philadelphia, Bensalem or the surrounding areas, we can help you navigate assessing your property’s value. I am your Northeast Philly Appraiser. Reasons to consider seeking a pre-listing appraisal: 


Before you list, you’ll want to schedule an appraisal. An appraisal can not only provide you with an unbiased assessment for your property, but it can also help you list it for the right price. The right listing price will lead to quicker sale.  


Maybe you are considering some renovations before listing. An appraisal can help guide you in the right direction and highlight changes that can help increase your property value. Sometimes the change you are considering you will add little to no value. It‘s better to know for sure even if you don’t end up listing in the immediate future. Investing in your home is investing in your future. 


A pre- listing appraisal will give you an upper hand. You will know what can use some TLC and what is just fine the way it is. This will give you some time to figure out how to tackle these issues. 


We provider appraisals for Northeast Philadelphia, Mayfair, Bensalem and surrounding areas. 

Olive Branch Appraisals is here to help you. Make an appointment to discuss your options, reach out to Olive Branch Appraisals for your real estate appraisal needs in Bensalem, Northeast Philadelphia and surrounding areas by phone at 267-588-8200, by email at, or our online form

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